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~ Sustainable Options for Urban Living

Michelle Pressley is an effective addition to our business operations. She has assisted us in the preparation of reporting paperwork for grants, general daily tasks like phone calls and emails, and is always thinking of new an innovative ways in which she can help us grow.

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~ Golden Angel Management Company

MLP's services has helped keep my business running effectively and efficiently! I am so pleased with the service and speediness of tasks !! Definitely call MLP services for your administrative needs! I’ve freed up so much of my time thanks to MLP Services!

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~ Simply Chyrisse Consulting

MLP Business Support Services made my contract negotiation process very professional and smooth. If you want a comprehensive contract constructed MLP Virtual Assistant Services is the business to call. Patient, polished, timely and excellent service rates this business and A+ in my book! Call MLP Virtual Assistant Services TODAY!!

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~ Hubris Global Wealth Management

I leverage Michelle and her company MLP Virtual Assistant Services for Administrative support. I have been very pleased with how MLP operates and the fact that they care about my firm. MLP took the time to understand the specific needs of my company and built a suite of services around those needs. Anyone who is interested in leveraging others to expand their operations should definitely speak with Michelle. Thank you, Michelle and MLP for caring about my firm and doing whatever is necessary to support our growth.

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